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BASSically TREBLEmakers

Page history last edited by Fred Rushden 11 years, 5 months ago

BASSically TREBLEmakers


Main Group Name: BASSically TREBLEmakers (formerly Flower City Pride Band)
Rehearsals: Monday 7:00pm - 
Seasonal Info:  
Major Music Types:  
Main Rehearsal Loc: School #12
Second Rehearsal Loc:  
Email: Laura Whitbeck at lwhitbec@rochester.rr.com 
Other Contact: Phone: 585-242-0237 or Tim Stallman at 507-3289.
Group Type: wind/percussion band Assoc Subgroup Types: wind/percussion band
Auditions:   Rehearsal Sit-ins Permitted:  
Annual Dues:   Tax 501(c)3 Status:  
Age Range:   Size (Members):  


the LGBT community band of Rochester, NY. Phone: 585-242-0237 comprised of musicians, twirlers, flag corps and colorguard members

 Is this a show band or does it rehearse?


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