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Central NY Police and Fire Band

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Central NY Police & Fire Band


Main Group Name: Central NY Police & Fire Band
Seasonal Info: none, historically it was March, then late May thru early October
Major Music Types: marches, some 'beer tent' fun music
Main Rehearsal Loc: one rehearsal per year, early March 
Second Rehearsal Loc:  
Performances: parades and celebrations, bur group doesn't march anymore
Email: julieandy@juno.com
Web Page:  
Other Contact:  Andy Osmun, 315/469-6271
Group Type: marching band Assoc Subgroup Types:  
Auditions:   Rehearsal Sit-ins Permitted: band is looking for more brass players 
Annual Dues: expsnses paid to members  Tax 501(c)3 Status: none 
Age Range: high school to retirees  Size (Members):  ~25- 40


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