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East Rochester Fire Department Band

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East Rochester Fire Department Band


Main Group Name: East Rochester Fire Department Band
Rehearsals: A couple of Saturdays or Sundays in early May each year
Seasonal Info: Parade season: Memorial Day through mid-August
Major Music Types: Classic martial music (Sousa, King, et. al.) and "beer tent" selections.
Main Rehearsal Loc: East Rochester Fire Department firehouse
Second Rehearsal Loc:  
Performances: Primarily summertime fireman's parades throughout Monroe and neighboring counties.    
Email: erfdband@gmail.com
Web Page:  
Other Contact: Linda Knight, Director
Group Type: Marching band Assoc Subgroup Types:  
Auditions: E-mail if interested; we're always looking for new members.
Rehearsal Sit-ins Permitted:  email
Annual Dues: none
Tax 501(c)3 Status: n/a
Age Range: 14-80
Size (Members): 35



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