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Most Recent Changes

Page history last edited by Fred Rushden 11 years, 5 months ago

Most Recent Changes


Since August 2008, excluding normal page maintenance, etc....


  • added Groups by Type page
  • found many groups in Rochester area to investigate, added 7 pages 5/10/09 
  • begun investigating the academic-based groups and will add them after verification
  • tabularized Group Contact Summary page And added email and phone number columns
  • added six more groups 4/10/09
  • converted to pbwiki 2.0 (still accommodating resultant changes)
  • added Additional Pages to make some pages easier to locate
  • added DRAFT listing of college/university-based groups
  • added graphic map of region covered and a table showing numbers of groups per county
  • updated Sidebar page
  • added a "Groups by County" page making it easier to find groups 'close to home' or wherever you are
  • removed some references to four bands I found that were out of area
  • converted info on group pages to a table format
  • added "Most Recent Changes" page (this one)
  • added tags (group, nav, march, orch, brass) but haven't fully used them yet
  • added marching bands to all indexes
  • added features for the Google search bot (verification, robot file, sitemap)
  • updated "Group Announcements" and "Site Plans" pages

Reminders to me 

I have received a large number of group leads from the Rochester area; I am following up on them; some are academic-based groups that invite musicians from the community. Thank you, Joe Baker.

People have asked about big bands (jazz) and drum and bugle (or fife) corps. And Klezmer bands. Just how many group types are there? No change in plans now until I get more group data.

Need to start making phone calls both to fill out pages and to verify groups.

Checked with the Boerger site people; they don't want my group data unless I am in that group.


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