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Page history last edited by Fred Rushden 9 years, 11 months ago

Steps to add new group page...


determine full group name

create new page with group table using full group name, using template

change group page title to full group name

fill out table with existing data discoveries, adding important notes below table

save new page

add tag with group and orch, march, brass (later I will add a concert-band tag)

go to Groups by County and add hyperlink

go to Groups by Name and add hyperlink

go to Groups by Type and add hyperlink

go to Groups by Location and see if location exists...if so update number in () and...

        go to Multiple Groups at Location page and add hyperlink in current page format...

        else add hyperlink to Groups by Location page

go to Additional Pages and click Groups Distribution and...

        update cells for county and total

then go to home page and update he total count in red notice section


repeat for next new page

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